Shilajit №1
Shilajit №1

Nature’s gift of holistic vitality

Boost your health in 8 different ways. Choose Altajit Shilajit with 80% fulvic acid

Why Choose Altajit?

100% ecologically pure, raw material sourced from the Altajit Mountains
Beneficial properties fully preserved as source material is purified using prehistoric water from a 249-meter well
Low-temperature vacuum drying ensure nutrient and mineral profile remains intact
98:2 concentration, lowest moisture content possible for maximum benefits
82% fulvic acid content, certified by independent testing by IAS, Arizona
4 x 4 active formula enhances stamina and energy
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1,000,000 years of evolution have gone into turning medicinal plants into a potent supplement.

Our processing of raw shilajit mirrors that employed by nature itself. Our cutting-edge technology preserves up to 99.9% of all of raw shilajit’s original beneficial properties, minerals and other nutrients, delivering a one-of-a-kind supplement to cover all your needs for full-body wellness.

Everyone can benefit from Altajit shilajit - find out how it can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals:

For athletes
Aids in rapid recovery from minor injuries, sprains, and bruising that occur during training
For vegetarians, vegans, and anyone with food sensitivities
Beneficial for anyone with strict dietary restrictions
For those with frequent hangovers
Helps neutralize and lessen the effects of a hangover
For the health conscious
Supports health and wellness without the use of prescription drugs
Who else can benefit from shilajit?

Create over 200 recipes for therapeutic, preventative and cosmetic applications by adding Altajit shilajit to:

Try Altajit Shilajit and get ready for a transformational wellness boost

Collected in the Altai mountains and
manufactured in the USA.

Supplement Facts



Serving size
1 capsule
Servings per container
Amount per serving
250 mg*
% dv
* Shilajit extract, patented vacuum extraction, <8% of humic acids
** Daily value not establishment

Suggested usage

Take 1 capsule 1 to 3 times per day with a meal or as direcred by your qualified healthcare professional.

Independent testing by IAS, Arizona — 82% fulvic acid

IAS Laboratories
2515 East University Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85034
(602) 273-7248
Fax (602) 275-3836
November 19, 2018
Submitted by:
Boldanic LLC
Report to:
Report #:
Date Received:
November 13, 2018

Humic and Fulvic Analysis

Sender ID
Ias lab#
Humic Acid %
Fulvic Acid %
Solid material
* ASTM D2216-09
** California Dept. of Food and Agriculture Method #HA4/JC

Who else can benefit from shilajit?

Everyone who understands that health is the most valuable asset one can have
Everyone who has been let down by other alternative medicine supplements, but is still looking for the one that will cover all their health and wellness needs
Everyone who needs support in times of stress, anxiety and compromised immunity

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Containing 50 natural bioactive components, shilajit has the capacity to transform your hair by significantly improving its health. If used correctly, shilajit can:
Boost hair growth
Potent active components enhance blood circulation and deliver essential cell nourishment for stronger, thicker hair.
Decrease scalp oiliness
Those taking shilajit have shown a marked improvement in their endocrine profile, which aids in reducing scalp sebum buildup, and as a result itchiness, compulsive scratching and dandruff.
Provide gentle hair care
Effective natural complex helps to get rid of fragility and makes combing and styling your hair easier.
Supply essential minerals
Altajit fortifies hair structure, helping prevent split ends and enhancing hair volume.
Offer antioxidant protection
Shilajit is rich in natural components that shield your hair against free radicals.
Encourage hair growth
Strengthening hair follicles and restoring scalp oil balance, shilajit aids in stimulating inactive hair bulbs, resulting in fuller, thicker hair.
Taking shilajit to address issues with hair shedding, thinning and breaking can often produce a wow-effect. Working from the inside out, shilajit both prevents and eliminates problems at tissue and cellular level. Thousands of satisfied shilajit customers have reported getting the lush, thick, shiny hair of their dreams - so what’s stopping you from doing the same?


Shilajit is an all-natural substance containing 40 micronutrients that actively support your wellbeing. Working in tandem, these powerful, essential components can shield your brain and enhance your cognitive functions by demonstrating the following properties:
Scavenging free radicals, shilajit components safeguard cell structure and function.
Shilajit’s overall positive effect to the endocrine system and body homeostasis aids in protecting neuron integrity.
Following a proper shilajit supplementation regimen has been known to help stabilize intracranial pressure.
Strengthening the blood-brain barrier, shilajit’s natural component complex offers the ultimate protection against germs and toxic elements.
By decreasing cholesterol levels, shilajit helps reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes.
In cases of brain injury, shilajit contributes towards brain cell regeneration through alleviating edema and aiding in inhibiting tissue degeneration.
Optimal nervous system function relies on the bioavailability of numerous micro- and macronutrients. Shilajit contains up to several dozens of such nutrients, which regulate blood supply to the brain, ensure proper tissue nutrition and as such help reduce the incidence of convulsions and migraines.


TYour skin health depends on the quality of your diet. Limited vitamin and micronutrient intake can make your skin appear dull, swollen and marked by fine lines and wrinkles.
If you’re looking to replenish your skin’s nutrient content and restore its youthful, radiant glow, then you should look no further than shilajit, which offers:
Shilajit improves blood supply to skin vessels, activating cell division and tissue recovery.
Protection Against Inflammation
Altajit helps alleviate redness, eliminate blackheads, combat skin infections and decrease elevated local temperature in hot spots.
Scarring Prevention
When using shilajit, those suffering from bruising, lacerations, skin injuries and burns have reported a reduction in the formation of keloid scars.
Decrease In Skin Sensibilization
By reducing skin reactivity (sensibility) to triggering environmental factors, shilajit provides relief to those with eczema, neurodermatitis and other similar skin conditions.
Improved Skin Appearance
Purifying cells and delivering essential nutrients, shilajit balances out oiliness and improves skin appearance and complexion clarity.
Stretch Mark and Cellulite Reduction
Shilajit’s proven positive effect towards improving skin elasticity has resulted in a marked reduction in skin damage in various cases.
Skin is the largest organ of the human body - so you need to make sure you take excellent care of it! Taking shilajit will help you give your skin the love it deserves by supporting its protective, regenerative, respiratory, and nutritional functions that will make it come alive once again and allow you to shine!


Shilajit’s impeccable beneficial properties include the treatment and prevention of heart disease. Its arsenal of about 50 bioactive components have a cumulative positive effect which helps:
Adjust Heart Rate
The heart muscle thrives on the acids and biogenic substances included in shilajit, which help promote the recovery and regulation of the heart’s ability to contract, which is, essentially, what we call the heartbeat rhythm.
Shield Against Disease
Shilajit’s rich bioactive compound complex aids in tissue regeneration, which helps the heart muscle function function at its best and remain safe against harmful external influences.
Reduce The Incidence Of Hypertensive Crises
Shilajit´s powerful natural components help cleanse blood vessels and bolster their walls, as well as decrease cholesterol levels, effectively doing away with the risk factors that are responsible for hypertensive episodes.
Eliminate Coronary Spasm
High cholesterol levels are responsible for the formation of a thick layer of fat covering blood vessel walls, called atherosclerotic plaques. Shilajit not only helps resolve existing fat deposits, but also bring down cholesterol levels within normal range, and as such reduce coronary spasms. This is a particularly relieving for those suffering from heart muscle pain or angina.
Improve Post-Heart Attack Prognosis
Heart attacks affect the health and integrity of the heart muscle (myocard). Shilajit’s well-studied capacity to optimize blood circulation allows the myocard to receive the nutrients needed for its recovery.
The heart is one of the most vital organs, supplying the body with the blood and oxygen it needs to sustain life. Supporting its function by supplementing your diet with shilajit will contribute to your health and longevity; stave off the progress of many chronic and acute diseases; improve resistance to harmful factors, and ensure the integrity of the heart’s physiology.


Blood vessels benefit from the combined action of about 40-50 essential compounds found in shilajit, which include, but are not limited to, acids, micro- and macronutrients, and active biogenic complexes. Their synergistic action results in:
Decreased Inflammation
Shilajit’s favorable effect on bone marrow can boost the production of white blood cells, which serve as inflammation inhibitors. This particular shilajit benefit is especially important for those with acute and chronic vessel wall disease (thrombophlebitis), who can find relief through shilajit supplementation.
Pain Relief
Debilitating pain syndromes diminish due to shilajit-induced increased anti-inflammatory action.
Edema Elimination
Blood vessel structural integrity benefits from shilajit’s natural compound complex, which also can help contribute towards ensuring that excessive liquid does not leave the bloodstream, thus resulting in the inhibition of edema formation.
Pressure Stabilization
Shilajit aids in normalizing pressure by fortifying blood vessels; restoring proper blood circulation and eliminating congestion.
Thrombosis Prevention
Through contributing to the decrease in cholesterol levels, shilajit can help create optimal conditions for the prevention of atherosclerotic plaque and blood clot formation.
Blood vessels make for an integral part of the body’s circulatory system, and as such shilajit supplementation, which presents multiple benefits, including improvement in microcirculation; decrease in heart disease flare ups, and blood pressure regulation, makes for an excellent way to prevent a stroke!


As a natural organomineral product, which, depending on its origin and chemical profile, contains up to 50 beneficial natural compounds, shilajit improves liver function owing to its following properties:
In cases of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, shilajit has been shown to reduce the severity and frequency of flare-ups.
As a part of combined therapy, it can help to restore structural integrity of an organ, protecting its cells and promoting their regeneration.
The liver is one of the key organs involved in defense against pathogens. Shilajit influences white blood cell formation, and thus provides much needed aid to liver function.
Helps create a positive background in cases of liver impairment.
Protects Against Gallstone Formation
Shilajit’s positive anti-gallstone effect - in cases of cholecystitis, it is recommended that it supplementation lasts for 2-3 years.
Altajit shilajit is full of vitamins, micronutrients and a host of other elements that help replenish nutrient deficiencies and naturally boost your health.
Altajit smoothes out the digestive process and as a result helps ensure that the liver is functioning properly.
Having positive effect on the activity of endocrine, blood-forming and neurohumoral systems, shilajit lays the foundations for optimal liver functioning, and aids in improving patient outcomes in cases of hepatitis, cirrhosis, and other hepatobiliary disorders.

Thank you for your purchase!